HVAC Supply House RI

wholesale distributors of heating, ventilation, energy efficiency, air quality and pipe fitting supplies since 1952

John F. White & Company, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of oil and gas heating systems, furnace, boiler and burner repair parts, motors, smart controls, water heaters, flow checks, circulators, pumps, energy efficiency equipment, filters, indoor air quality components and pipe fitting supplies in Providence, Rhode Island. We stock equipment for residential, industrial and commercial heating, venting and ducting uses.

Specialize in stocking a vast array of oil burner nozzles and hard-to-find oil heating parts.

Wholesale pricing to the trades.


Expansion Tanks

Gauge Glass


Air Vents

Automatic Feeders

Backflow Preventers


Drain Valves

Liquid Flow Switches

Low Water Cut Offs


Mixing Valves



Pressure Reducing Valves

Relief Valves

Zone Valves



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